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SSR System Studies
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SSR system studies are used to determine the susceptibility of turbine-generators to unstable torsional interactions with series capacitor compensated transmission 

Key Benefits

bulletDetermine if SSR is a factor in your generation expansion plan
bulletDetermine the margin of stability for operation
bulletDetermine what mitigation for SSR phenomena may be required


IT Inc. is a full spectrum provider of SSR consulting services including:

System Modeling
Capture the complete dynamic impedance of the power system including generation, transmission, and load for frequency scan, and eigen-analysis stability evaluations. Stability data is presented in contour and 3D for easy visualization. 
Turbine-Generator Modeling
Develop torsional dynamic models from either: 1) Full order manufacturers data, 2) Plant survey, 3) Equipment drawings, 4) Torsional dynamic response testing and identification.
Mitigation Requirements
Determine series compensation operating limitations and evaluate mitigation requirements for stabilization including: 1) Thyristor series capacitor damping controls, 2) Dynamic filters, and 3) Supplementary excitation damping controls.

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