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System Interactions
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System interactions between the power system and the turbine-generator can be evaluated and avoided by monitoring and analysis. Such interactions have been a continuing problem for generation equipment reliability ranging from blade failure to retaining-ring failure, or pure instability or gross under specification that have lead to complete mechanical failure of rotating components.

Key Benefits

bulletEliminate resonance as a source of turbine-generator reliability problem.
bulletEvaluate interaction from system active power controls to assign responsibility to outside sources i.e. DC Transmission current-order and frequency-sensitive power controls, SVC and other FACTS control devices.
bulletEvaluate the interaction potential for industrial load harmonic and sub-harmonic resonance effects from steel-mill loads, and large motor drives.


These works are developed from standard stability data and derived equipment models to establish appropriate environment simulations for engineering evaluation of system impact and equipment design limitation on reliability.

Industrial Load Impact
Calculate the mechanical and thermal impact of industrial loads on generation by simulation: 1) calculate current gain, 2) build the Campbell interference diagram, 3) evaluate mechanical stress, 4) establish operating limits and mitigation.
DC Transmission Control Interaction
Evaluate the potential for interaction and establish remediation requirements.
Unique Issues Evaluation
Provide unbiased assessment  of any and all resonance and control problems in the generation transmission equipment arena, e.g. Stress versus strength assessment, Monte Carlo simulation, Problem Solving and decision analysis using the K-T Method.

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