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IT Inc. is equipped to make generation equipment measurements and provide response analysis to establish accurate stability models and settings for excitation controls of the generator and establish and validate torsional dynamic models of the turbine-generator.

Key Benefits

bulletDocumented performance of generation for stability response evaluation.
bulletEstablish accurate models for SSR analysis
bulletDetermine models for control interaction evaluation
bulletDetermine margin of stability for SSR and control interaction


 IT Inc. provides a unique capability to measure and assess the reliability implication of generation operation in industrial and utility environments. Provides wide-band measurement, recording and analysis of electrical and mechanical response on stationary and rotating apparatus.

Establish Torsional Models
Most manufacturer supplied torsional dynamic models are approximate. IT Inc. has the capability to establish reduced order models more accurately and tune and validate them by test measurements.
Generation Stability Models
Generator stability models are required by the ISO and reliability organizations to be accurate. IT Inc. can establish by measurement the complete stability models of your generator in a one day site test.
Evaluate Generation Load impacts
Assess the ongoing interactions with industrial loads such as rolling mill drives harmonic interaction, and arc furnace torsional impact and generator rotor thermal duty.

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